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[FSK] Presents: 4MINI-WEEKEND 26-28 aug 2016

Geplaatst: 01 jun 2016 22:02
door RoyFSK

Hey how, let’s go!
Fourstroke Kortrijk is blowing out 15 candles on the birthday cake, so we need to celebrate that!
And what is better than a whole weekend full of beer, party and mini4stroke?!
So, FSK presents: FSK INTERNATIONAL 4MINI-WEEKEND; August 26th, 27th and 28th!

To keep you up to date, here's the link to our Facebook event.
And feel free to check out our website as well!

Tickets now available!!
How to buy your ticket?
Transfer the entrance fee of the option of your choice to BE09 9731 3105 9057.
In the message you mention your name and option.
For example:
Olivier Van Den Eynden + WEEKEND
Olivier Van Den Eynden + SUNDAY

What can you expect?
A weekend full of mini4stroke!
A weekend full of new friendships!
A weekend of celebration!

What’s the timetable?
The detailed timing and dragrace-categories can be found among the pictures of this eventpage!


Friday evening, doors open at 18h (6PM) to set up your camping gear on the campsite. Afterwards, the bar is open and you can have some beers with a live band in the background.


Saturday morning, the breakfast is served with love and it is possible to ride the route with arrows which lead you through the most beautiful roads of West-Flanders.
The support vehicle is at your disposal in case you have a breakdown or crash.

The long-awaited dragraces take place in the afternoon.
Followed by a delicious bratwurst on the barbecue in the evening while the award ceremony of the dragraces is taking place.
Afterwards we lubricate the throats and use those dance moves, accompanied by two live bands.
From 23h (11 PM) the dj’s will launch the FSK V.I.P. Party!


Sunday = Hangoverday ( you’ve been warned!)
Around noon, the stands of some sponsors will open. So if you want to score some new parts, bring some money!
Nice detail: There is an award for the best bike according to the public. You get the chance to fill in the number of the bike which you think is the nicest of the whole weekend on a piece of paper and hand it in before 14h30 (2:30PM)
About half an hour later, the award ceremony for the beautycontest will be started. When this is done, you’re ready to go home with a big smile on your face.

Where does this awesome weekend take place?
In and around the bikerpub: @THE FINISH

There will be a lot of arrows to help you find the place, you won’t be able to miss it!

Give @THE FINISH a like on facebook too! ... 0/?fref=ts

What is the pricetag?
There are 2 options:

You arrive on Friday night (26th of August) or saturday (27th of August) to stay the whole weekend.
Entrance fee: €30
INCLUSIVE: Entry, camping, FSK BBQ, beautycontest, ride, breakfast,…
EXCLUSIVE: Food and drinks (except the bbq and breakfast)

You arrive on Sunday (28th of August)
Entrance fee: €5
INCLUSIVE: Beautycontest with your bike
EXCLUSIVE: Food and drinks

We guarantee that the drinks are sold at democratic prices!
So it’s not necessary to bring warm beers to the camp site, when you can buy fresh beers for €1,5!

If there are any questions, feel free to contact us!
Kind regards,

The FSK-Team



Re: [FSK] Presents: 4MINI-WEEKEND 26-28 aug 2016

Geplaatst: 28 jul 2016 23:16
door deutz
Gaat er nog iemand van dit forum heen? ik misschien wel.

Re: [FSK] Presents: 4MINI-WEEKEND 26-28 aug 2016

Geplaatst: 23 aug 2016 12:13
door MrSinga
nog keer uppen... komt dichterbij

Re: [FSK] Presents: 4MINI-WEEKEND 26-28 aug 2016

Geplaatst: 24 aug 2016 19:35
door diedekaas
Ik ga misschien met Robin

Re: [FSK] Presents: 4MINI-WEEKEND 26-28 aug 2016

Geplaatst: 25 aug 2016 08:45
door hotroddax
Ik ga met Bart, Nemen een dragracer mee!